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In the Know: Design trends to adopt.

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Sep 30, 2014

We are ridiculous design nerds. As big proponents of bringing cutting-edge architecture and design to Utah, we make sure we are on top of all the best trends from corrugated metal, to Scandanvian minimalism, to geometric patterns. Part of Championing Contemporary in our marketplace means informing current residents of what we think are some cool design ideas being put forward globally and locally. Here are some looks we are geeking-out over currently:


  1. Dining areas that double as contemporary art galleries.
Food and art just go together. Dining is already a communal activity and art facilitates meaningful discussion. We love the look of this fabulous French restaurant in Hong Kong. The combination of eclectic modern pieces with ancien regime parquet floors and exposed brass ventilation pipes creates a space of vibrancy--one that is both intimate and energetic. Looking for some statement art pieces at low cost to bring this concept to your calorie-consumption zone? Check-out the great online gallery by Austin Texas shop, Poster Cabaret.
  1. Wallpaper.
Wallpaper is having a moment. A big one. And, we could not be more thrilled. We are loving the bold wallpaper illustrations of Columbian artist, Catalina Estrada and innovative floral prints used by Wall&Deco. Wallpaper functions as large scale art and offers a unique way to give a room a mood. This generation’s wallpaper champions have re-invented the industry, incorporating large scale prints, custom illustrations, tactile textures, and brave colors.
  1. Room dividers.
Rather than putting in permanent walls, interior decorators have reintroduced the room divider. Over-segmenting homes and living spaces limits movement and light flow. A divider allows you to define an area’s functions without shrinking your living space. Clever dividers also double as additional storage and art pieces. Win-win.
  1. Frame stacking.
Forget everything you were told about hanging art. The new way to hang art is however you want to. Period. New options to showcase art include not hanging it (simply lean frames against a wall), layer frames, hang lots of pictures together in a group with varying amounts of space between them. Do what you want! It’s not chaos; it’s creative!
  1. Black accents.
Black is always the new black. While the signature shade of the stylish has never gone out of style and never will, it’s having a bit of a revival in the world of interior décor. Historically, black has been mislabeled as a color to stay away from when conceiving of inside spaces. Thank goodness the theory that black has no place on walls or on floors has been de-bunked, and dark features are being included to give rooms more gravitas. From accent walls to black wooden floors, our favorite non-color is everywhere. Hallelujah. For inspiring ways to utilize black to add weight or mood to a room, check out design mavens Roman and Williams.
  1. Bar Carts.
Bar carts are the natural companions of craft cocktails, which are also presently all the rage. So, don’t just stick your High West Whiskey on the dusty top shelf of the pantry. For the non-drinkers, have the fixings to whip up a limeade or a classic Shirley Temple. Either way, you’ll be known in your circle as the consummate entertainer. Plus, pretty crystal glasses and bottles full of elixirs just look cool.

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