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By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
May 24, 2016

One of the many clever new features of is the ability to search for property based on lifestyle interests such as skiing, fishing, schooling, etc...

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Further, you can browse by design features such as modern architecture, stucco, outdoor fire pits, etc...

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.53.05 PMAll of these new features, combined with the international functionality of the site, allow for you to find EXACTLY what you're looking for...

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BHHS Utah Tips: Real Estate and Taxes

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Feb 29, 2016

Tax considerations for buyers and sellers


Buyers and sellers need to be informed about tax considerations before entering a transaction.

If you have purchased or sold a home last year, there are a number of tax deductions for which you may qualify. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

Profitability: According to the IRS, if you have a gain from the sale of your main home, you may be able to exclude up to $250,000 of the gain from your income as a single tax filer, or $500,000 on a joint return in most cases.

Interest: Currently, much of the interest paid on a mortgage is tax-deductible. A married couple filing jointly can deduct all of their interest on a maximum of $1 million in mortgage debt secured by a first or second home.

Selling costs: Broker commissions, title insurance, legal fees, advertising costs, administrative costs, and inspection fees are all considered selling costs and currently may be used to reduce one’s taxable capital gain by the amount of the selling costs.

Refinanced mortgage points: They may be deductible, but not all at once. Homeowners who refinance may be able to immediately write off the balance of the old points and begin to amortize the new points. Interest paid on a home equity loan or similar line of credit may also be deducted.

Points/origination fees: On a home loan, if points or origination fees are paid during the purchase of a home, they are currently generally tax-deductible for the year in which they were paid.

Repairs/remodels: Qualifying capital improvements may be able to be deducted, including costs of a new roof, fence, swimming pool, garage, porch, built-in appliances, insulation, heating or cooling systems and landscaping.

Relocation expenses: If you move because of a new job, you may be able to deduct some of your moving costs. To qualify for these deductions, you must meet several IRS requirements, including that your new job is at least 50 miles farther from your old home than your previous job. Moving-cost deductions can include travel or transportation costs, lodging expenses, and fees for storing your household goods.

Property taxes: Currently deductible from your income. If you have an impound or escrow account, you can’t deduct the money held for property taxes until the money is actually used to pay your property taxes. City or state property tax refund reduces your federal deduction by an equal amount.

First-time buyer credit: For those buyers who took advantage of this credit within the past two years, remember that if within 36 months of the date of purchase, the property is no longer used as your principal residence, you are required to repay the credit.

Another important tip for those moving into a new home is to make sure you update your address with the IRS and the U.S. Postal Service to ensure you receive refunds or correspondence from the IRS.

Tax laws change every year, and certain tax deductions become available while others phase out. Speak with a professional tax consultant about these and other considerations.


The Final Walk Through

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Dec 01, 2015


You found the perfect house, made an offer, negotiated the price, had an inspection and ensured your mortgage. The only thing left is your final walk-through.

Walk-throughs are normally scheduled the day of, or day before the settlement, as the seller should be completely moved out. The object is to ensure that the house stands in the same condition as when you agreed to buy it.

This is not the time to nitpick about nail holes or carpet imperfections. Unless you’ve negotiated allowances for such issues, you’ll have to address them later after you’ve settled.

What could impact the transaction is property or fixtures that the seller agreed to leave behind are missing (e.g., a washing machine, pool table, garage cabinets, etc.) or if the seller leaves things that were supposed to be removed (e.g., paint cans, furniture, etc.).

With your agent at your side, be sure that obligatory repairs flagged during the home inspection are completed to code and satisfaction. If the seller agreed to replace an aging water heater but didn’t do it, this must be accounted for during settlement.

You may be eager to leave the house and get to the settlement, but don’t rush through the walk-through. Run the appliances through a full cycle to make sure they work. Turn on all faucets and showers as well.

Some contracts will specify that the buyer complete a walk-through a week or two prior to settlement followed by a quick meeting prior to settlement to check off any items previously noted. Again, any items or tasks that aren’t complete must be justified at the time of settlement.

Though issues may arise, the majority of walk-throughs go without a hitch as both parties are eager to complete the deal and willing to negotiate any final hurdles.

Echo Spur - Modern, Sustainable Living in Old Town

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jul 20, 2015


In our latest tour of Echo Spur, Old Town’s seven home, mountain modern development on Rossie Hill, we were blown away by the comprehensive and seamless integration of sustainable features into some of the finest contemporary architecture we have ever seen.

Home building technology has changed rapidly over the past decade: “Sustainable” and “Green” have become the mantras of modern homes, but the systematic integration of these features sets these homes apart. The developer’s research into sustainable technologies focused on energy efficiency features that improve quality of life and - here’s what’s new – result in significant cost savings in operating the home.

The savvy homebuyer understands that the cost of purchasing a home is separate from the cost of owning a home (mortgage, utilities, maintenance, etc.).  Echo Spur’s sustainability strategy is optimized to reduce the cost of ownership by driving down the utility bills. That said, Echo Spur is designed from the ground up with the very best of proven green features from around the world. These single family homes boast cisterns, green roofs, super insulation, tank-less toilets, etc...  Homebuyers will pay 80% less than the average Park City homeowner on utility bills, while benefiting from the significant health benefits of green features.



Echo Spur’s team (GoWest Development, Lacroix Design, and Heliocentric) have given thought to every detail and woven-in tech capabilities that are simple to use but provide a significant improvement in quality of life. For example, the heating and cooling system is paired to a weather app and automatically begins a warming cycle in response to an approaching storm. You don’t do anything—you just enjoy the perfect temperature.

Beyond the green and smart home amenities, we can’t say enough in favor of the design of these single family homes. Open floor plans with walls of glass, folding glass doors that open onto spacious decks, functional kitchens, expansive gathering spaces, smartly planned closet spaces: these homes are just done right. And, the views are killer.

Buyers get the highest building quality attainable, the satisfaction that “going Green” means saving money as well as carbon energy, and the innumerable financial benefits  that come with owning a sustainable home. Beyond their unique features, these homes offer luxurious contemporary construction in the heart of Park City’s Old Town, walking access to Main St., and some of the best views in the town.

Reach-out for more information on one of Park City’s most forward-thinking modern developments.

Summer Market Snapshot

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jul 07, 2015


We're midway through the summer and the market is just heating up. From mountain biking and water sports, we hope you're enjoying all our mountain town has to offer. Over the last few years, our summer market, which picks-up up in July, has seen a robust increase in activity. More and more folks seem to fall into the category of "came for the winters, stayed for the summers." 

Overall, our market is busy. Inventory is moving quickly but your Realtor can help you find options and make a strategic moves within Park City's complicated market. Here's information you can trust as you begin to look at our summer market. 

Market snapshot. 

  • Current Days on Market for Single Family in Park City Proper: 59
  • Current Days on Market for Single Family in Snyderville Basin: 17
  • Average Single Family Sale Price in Park City Proper: 1.86 million
  • Median Single Family Sale Price in Park City Proper: 1.6 million
  • Average Single Family Sale Price in Snyderville Basin: 1.49 million
  • Median Single Family Sale Price in Snyderville Basin: $963,000
  • Average Condominium Sale Price in Park City Proper: 1.2 million
  • Median Condominium Sale Price in Park City Proper: $680,000
  • Average Condominium Sale Price in Snyderville Basin: $534,000
  • Median Condominium Sale Price in Snyderville Basin: $393,000
  • Average Vacant Land Sale Price in Park City Proper: 1.17 million


By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jun 30, 2015

The Results are In

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties was named among the Top 100 Power Brokers in RISMedia's Annual Power Broker Report. Our firm achieved the highest sales volume in Utah, with over $1.8 billion in sales.

We are thrilled to continue to perform among the best real estate firms in the country and would like to sincerely thank our clients.

Stacking-up in the industry is more than a pat on the back, it's a sign that we have traction among the communities we serve. We love our state, and we feel that real estate decisions are some of the most important choices people make. Thank you for trusting us. We look forward to leveraging our success to further assist you.

RISMedia's Annual Report provides excellent insight into the mindset of Real Estate's leaders and the broader trends we are seeing across the board. Here are some take-aways:

-In 2014, 88% of top brokers reported an increase in home prices. 

-The most commonly listed challenges to business were lack of inventory, lingering economic uncertainty, and rising interest rates. 

-82% of brokers categorized their market as stable or growing.

-The general consensus seems to be: Consumer confidence is up. People are buying homes again. The housing market has recovered. 

-Broker leverage matters. Inventory constraints and the ever-changing financing landscape make it crucial to work with a professional full-service agency. 

Choosing a Neighborhood

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jun 29, 2015


Location, Location, Location. 

When you begin the searching process for your new home, it's best to start with neighborhood. Take into account everything from where your friends are, bike lanes, commute time, food scene, access to health care, etc...

Investigate the surrounding area: Good schools boost your property value. Research the closest parks and community centers and consider how busy streets impact the neighborhood. Check out stores and restaurants in the area. Let's be real, distance to the nearest place to buy milk or work-out is of critical import.

Take the temperature of the area: Is the average resident young, married, settled professionals with kids...? Are you looking for urban energy or quiet with big yards and wide sidewalks? It's important to think long term. Is this an area that will work for you in 5 years?


Research the Homeowner’s Association: What are the regular fees? Are there lawn or construction restrictions? Knowing these things can really make an impact.

A good real estate agent can furnish you with a wealth of local information and take you on a tour of the closest commerce centers, restaurants and shops. A little groundwork will help ensure that your dream house is surrounded by a dream neighborhood.

We Believe in Print Marketing

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jun 11, 2015


Brand Recognition Matters to our Clients--so we cast the widest net.

We don't view advertising as an obligation; it's part of our value proposition. Our listings, agents, and brokerage name circulate widely throughout Utah and Park City publications. If there are buyers looking at properties, they're going to find our listings and developments.

From being the most widely advertised brokerage in the Park Record, to being the only brokerage with a marketing relationship with the State of Utah Chamber, we support our clients and professionals through our print relationships.

Here's where we focus our print marketing efforts:

-Park Record Newspaper

-Real Estate Monthly

-Park City Magazine

-Mountain Express Magazine

-Heber Valley Guide

-Wasatch Wave Newspaper

-Life In Utah

-Salt Lake Magazine


-Unique Homes

-LIVING Residential Guide

-LOCAL Neighborhood Guide

Spring Changes in Park City

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jun 03, 2015

First Day Canyons Golf-0043 Canyons Golf Course

Spring has arrived in Park City and has brought with it some pretty big changes.

Vail Resorts has started its $50 million dollar improvement plan. Construction has begun on the interconnect gondola and the new Snow Hut restaurant and is proceeding apace. We are thrilled to see the astounding rate of progress and are ready to meet the change these evolutions will bring to Park City.

vail2 Construction on the new Interconnect Gondola

Canyons Resort has also opened its new golf course and is taking reservations. This new course is the latest major addition to the resort's already robust list of available amenities. Park City has become quite the golf destination and now boasts thirteen courses many of which have championship destination. The fairways are green and the weather fair--time to dust off the clubs.


Finally, Park City's new state-of-the-art library opens June 13. We are thrilled to welcome back our much missed literary hub. The new building seamlessly integrates the beloved brick facade of the old High School building and new contemporary features. The new space will feature a coffee shop, educational offerings, communal space, and more books!


In addition to these novel developments, Park City's usual summer offerings have begun. Be sure to check out:

Farmers Market at Canyons (Wed and Sat)

Park Silly Market on Lower Main St. (Sundays)

Deer Valley's Big Stars, Bright Nights Concert Series (Starts June 30)

Spring Forward, Community Service

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
May 29, 2015

In a recent survey, over 90% of BHHS Utah agents reported active involvement in non-profits and community engagement organizations. Real Estate occurs very much in our local neighborhoods, and our company feels passionately about playing its part.

Spring is always a good moment to take a breath, impose order, and do some cleaning. As a company, it's when we re-commit to our community partners. We offer assistance to everything from arts and culture organizations, to 5k fundraisers, to hospitals. We wouldn't be in real estate if we didn't believe there was something special about Utah.

Here are some organizations we encourage you to get involved with. Join us in improving our neighborhoods!  re6

Earnest Money Deposit

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
May 29, 2015

Buyers today understand they need a sizeable down payment and a strong credit score to secure a conforming home loan. They must hold liquid funds for another financial obligation—an earnest money deposit—to be paid when they make an offer on a home.

Earnest money is handed over to the seller’s agent or the title company when a purchase contract is signed. This demonstrates that the buyer is serious about the transaction and is backing it up with cash.

Without this, buyers could simply make offers on many homes, essentially taking them off the market until they choose a favorite. Sellers rarely accept offers without it.

There is no set amount for an earnest money deposit, so it’s negotiable. If there are multiple bidders, the seller may ask for up to 3% of the asking price as earnest money. Assuming the transaction results in an accepted offer, earnest money goes toward the buyer’s down payment and closing costs. If the transaction falls through, the buyer may have to forfeit a nominal cancellation fee or more.

Be sure the purchase agreement outlines the refund process. Remember, a buyer can lose earnest money through default, which happens when he or she does not perform according to the terms stipulated in a purchase and sale agreement.

Work carefully with your agent to ensure a clear understanding of all terms and obligations.

L.E.D. lighting can make a real difference

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
May 29, 2015

Most homeowners want to be eco-friendly, yet they worry that making changes in that regard might be costly and time consuming. Incorporating energy-efficient lighting is a great way to make a big impression with green-conscious homebuyers. In fact, studies have reported that 80% of homebuyers identify energy savings and comfortable surroundings as key factors when deciding between listings.

It isn’t just limited to fluorescent tubes or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). LEDs are an energy-efficient light source that began growing in popularity around 2007. LED lighting can be used as accents to better showcase the home’s features. From track lighting over the fireplace to under-counter cabinet lighting and recessed lighting in the hall, LED fixtures can cast dramatic light on your home’s best features, while at the same time, remaining cool to the touch and easy on the wallet.

Here are some interesting facts about LED lighting:

  • Offers the same bright white output as incandescent lighting
  • Uses 75% less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs
  • Uses 75% less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs
  • The Department of Energy estimates that replacing regular light bulbs with LEDs could potentially save 190 terawatt-hours annually—the equivalent of lighting over 95 million homes
While buyers can make these changes themselves, savvy sellers know that they will judge your eco-friendly actions in a positive light and may be more inclined to deal with you.

New Digs! New Growth!

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Apr 27, 2015

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new Salt Lake flagship office space. Located centrally in the modern community of Old Mill, this modern space provides real estate professionals with a forward-thinking open plan space that is the latest in the company’s succession of growth plans. “With over $1.8 billion in sales, we are the most successful brokerage in Utah,” commented CEO, Steve Roney. “We wanted a building that would provide our agents with room to build on that track record. We are thrilled.”

This move comes after our most successful year to date, and we want to ride that wave and provide our agents with a cutting edge startup inspired space.








Reasons to Use a Realtor

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Mar 20, 2015

Why FSBO is never a strategic decision.



Homes that are marketed well attract more buyers. Our professionals utilize cutting edge marketing resources, such as social media outreach, online lead generation, e-marketing, and traditional print media to showcase listings. 90% of home buyers come because a buyer’s real estate agent suggested the home. As an owner without representation, buyer’s agents are less likely to know about your property, making it harder to achieve a successful and timely sale.

Over or Under Pricing

Setting the right price is crucial. As a non-Realtor® you risk pricing your home inaccurately, which can result in a lack of buyer interest or decreased return on investment.

Exposing Yourself to Liability

There is liability involved with the selling of homes. When you elect to forgo using an accredited professional, you expose yourself to potential law suits and fines.

Getting Lost in the Process

The process of selling real estate remains complex, intricate, and time-consuming. Do you really know the ins and outs of lending, home inspections, and offer negotiation? If not, you expose yourself to risk.

Misjudging Offers

To make a strategic decision with regards to offers, you need to understand not just median price for your neighborhood but also broader market trends, mortgage rates, and the features of your home. A Realtor® not only has a solid understanding of micro-markets and relevant trends, but is trained in negotiation.

Knowing When to Accept and When to Pass

Selling your home is an emotionally charged process, and one that benefits from outside guidance from an objective Realtor®. Knowing when to accept, counter or pass on offers can be challenging, especially when you are understandably attached to your home and its investment value.


When selling a home, you have to be available 24/7. Does your schedule allow you to drop everything to take a call from or show your home to a potential buyer or buyer’s agent?


What Happens During the Home Selling Process?

»» Ensuring the Buyer’s earnest money is deposited into the appropriate trust account in a timely manner

»» Providing all the necessary information and documents to the Title Company to open the escrow

»» Assisting to collect and compile the Sellers Disclosures to deliver to Buyer in a timely manner

»» Assisting to schedule any inspections the Buyer requires according to the terms of the Real Estate Purchase Contract

»» Helping negotiate any issues between you and the Buyer in regards to repairs or mitigation

»» Maintaining diligent communication with Buyer’s agent regarding any loan required on the Buyer’s side

»» Scheduling and attending Settlement with you

»» Confirming the Deed has recorded with the County Clerk

Silver Creek Village

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Mar 16, 2015

Larsen overall parcel map


Silver Creek Village (the “Village”) is a traditional neighborhood village clustered among the sage meadows of the eastern Snyderville Basin of Park City, Utah. The intent of the plan is to create a "special place" with a pattern of streets, blocks and open spaces that complement, not compete with the land.

The overall Village is located on a 244.33 acre site on the southeast corner of Interstate 80 and US Highway 40, served by the Silver Creek Drive exit of highway 40. At build out the total site will accommodate: (i) 1,290 residential units consisting of 939 “Multi Family” (stacked flats or attached town homes) and 351 single family; (ii) 50,000 square feet of commercial; and (iii) assorted schools, churches and community service buildings. Of the 244.43 acres, 153.9 acres is set aside as open space. The East Basin Land Use Plan in effect at the time of the initial planning submittals identified the parcel as an appropriate location for a village development. Reasons for this include minimal impacts to existing residential communities, readily available transportation and utility infrastructure, and opportunity for clustering while maintaining visual corridors to the mountains. Environmental impacts are minimal.

The “Larsen Parcel Phase”

The “Larsen Parcel Phase” of Silver Creek Village represents 10.4% of the total density in the Village, as compared to total Village as follows:

Description Total Site Standard Description Parcel
Commercial Sq Ft 50,000 NA Commercial 0
Multi Family 939 Village Residential 3 Condos/Apartments 42
SF& Town Home 351 Village Residential 2 Town Homes 46
TOTAL 1,290 Village Residential 1 Single Family 46
Work Force Housing 330 TOTAL 134
Work Force Housing 34
Market Rate Housing 100

The Larsen Parcels’ 10.4% equates to 134 units. Included in the total density of the Village, 330 units are to be “Work Force” housing which requires the Larsen Parcels’ contribution to the overall workforce housing of 34.32 units, leaving 100 unrestricted units divided among Single Family, Multi Family, and Townhome units.  Given the location of the Larsen Parcels towards the entrance to the Village, they are effectively the first phase of the overall development.  On the following page is a breakdown of the individual parcels and their respective uses:


  Village   Anticipated  
Parcel Designation Use Units Acreage
1.1 Residential 1 Single Family 11 1.24
1.2 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 11 0.60
1.3 Open Space Open Space NA NA
2.1 Residential 3 Apartments, Townhomes, Condominiums, Lofts 42 1.24
3.1 Residential 1 Single Family 15 1.69
4.1 Residential 1 Single Family 12 1.63
4.2 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 7 0.59
6.2 Residential 1 Single Family 4 0.47
6.3 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 6 0.51
8.1 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 22 1.10
8.2 Pocket Park Park NA NA
8.3 Residential 1 Single Family 4 1.24
 The Environment and Design Considerations

Design standards are identified for each development parcel within the Village, including the Larsen parcels, and include specific provisions for building heights, setbacks, parking requirements, lot coverage, etc. The standards differ from the existing Snyderville Basin Code and are in place to better implement the Village Planning Principles as identified in the Snyderville Basin General Plan.

The Village is centered on a traditional "Main Street" intersection. Here, residential lofts will rise above a tree lined retail street with boutique shops, a neighborhood market, small restaurants and cafes, a post office, a bank and a variety of public gathering spaces. The architecture will strongly reflect the ranching and territorial past of rural Summit County, while applying modern elements.

Main Street terminates at the 3 acre Village Green located in the heart of the Village. The green will provide residents with a gathering space to enjoy concerts at the amphitheater, play frisbee on the great lawn, cool down at the splash pad, attend the farmers' market or an art show or enjoy any of the other park amenities such as the picnic pavilions, playgrounds and walking paths. The Village Green is oriented with Main Street to the breathtaking views of the ski areas along the eastern slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.

The community emphasizes an interconnected network of pedestrian scaled streets lined with trees, sidewalks, public spaces and a mix of residential units ranging from village lofts to single family custom homes. To reinforce the pedestrian oriented philosophy of the village, automobiles are directed to street parking, rear access garages and parking lots located to the side or rear of commercial or mixed use buildings. Each neighborhood is adjacent to open spaces. Each residence will be located within a 3 minute walk of a park providing residents with active recreation opportunities such as playgrounds, picnic pavilions, play lawns, sports courts, etc. The Village will also have over 60 acres of neighborhood and community parks providing a diverse range of active programmed uses.

The Silver Creek Village Main Street is defined by 3 and 4 story mixed use structures that establish the retail, commercial, office and boutique shop center within the Village.  Main Street will be the core of the community and will target all residents within the community. It will be pedestrian oriented with comfortable public spaces, outdoor seating, site furnishings, easily accessible storefronts and a cohesive, yet varied architectural character that is scaled to the street corridor.  Architectural details include decorative streetlights with pendants, benches and chairs, bike racks, planter beds and boxes, and decorative tree grates.  Street trees provide landscape definition and shade throughout Main Street, while landscape beds will soften the Village hardscape.

Multi-family structures range from condominiums fronting parks to various townhome clusters placed throughout the village to provide product diversity and balance.

Civic structures will provide an important cultural element to the Village and are located along the Silver Creek Drive entry to enhance the arrival experience.  Public art and architectural elements will be placed to provide appropriate visual focus within public spaces, entries, and plazas.

Basin Recreation Pic

Open Space

Open space will consist of significant and meaningful open areas as provided in large parks and open space buffer parcels as well as open spaces within development parcels as allowed by code.

Community trail locations are provided within a 20 foot trail easement on the main roadway and park parcel dedication plat as requested by the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District.  The combination of all community trails will form a loop encircling the Village and connecting to the greater system of Recreation District trails via connections at existing underpasses, as well as neighborhood parks and gardens.

The Village Green will provide for varied activities including an outdoor amphitheater and splash pad. The majority of the park will include large expanses of turf and landscaping will provide for shade and cover and tie the park into the rest of the Village through the use of consistent tree, shrub, and ornamental plantings. Pedestrian connectivity to and through the Village Green will be the centerpiece of the Village and will serve as the major gathering point for all residents within the village.

Located at one of the most visible intersections within the Village and anchoring the west end of Main Street, the Petrified Wood Park and the Neighborhood Garden provide an ideal location to tell the history of the project site while also establishing the village vision for "Community".

Within the Village setting the Neighborhood Park has been located at the Silver Creek Drive entry providing a park landscape corridor upon arrival to the community. The Park has also been located adjacent to the civic parcels to provide shared facilities including play areas and parking in order to minimize surface parking and maximize usable park and civic area.

Park uses will be simple and well organized and the Park will embrace the existing wetlands, integrating them into the landscape through wetland and upland plantings and boardwalks. The park landscape will consist of multi-purpose turf areas for flexible use by all ages as well as native grass passive recreation areas that transition the Village landscape to the existing Silver Creek drainage corridor.


Building Healthy Homes

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Feb 24, 2015


Sustainable green builds are more than just positive for ecosystems and your finances; they’re also beneficial for your health. In his keynote address at the latest Green Building conference in New Orleans, famed guru, Deepak Chopra, discussed the measurable ways in which "green" builds and features support health. The entire conference focused on inhabitant health, which has become the latest reason to embrace green building.

Green building has become a huge selling point as both a mark of a sophisticated, newer build and as a money-saver. According to the US Green Building Council, residential homes account for approximately 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in America; and to date, more than 1 million green homes have saved consumers an estimated $200 million annually in utility bills. At BHHS Utah, we feel that green building needs to be looked at holistically.

Rather than seeing sustainable homes as separate systems of different technologies, strategies, and materials, they need to be viewed as individual human habitats. Up until recently, discussing green building in any depth required a solid background in building or LEED certification (standardization for green building). Green Building has evolved to where builders are able to utilize sustainable technologies to build you more than a home, but a habitat that promotes addition to meeting your standards of design, functionality, and sustainability.

While kitchens with built-in juicers, hydroponic herbariums, and bathrooms with reflexology stones and teak steam rooms might seem a bit over the top, adopting a few principle features of sustainable building can improve your emotional and physical health drastically. By using building materials with minimal off-gassing, like wood, and increasing natural light, you can decrease your risk of cancer and ward off environmental-induced depression.


In a recent quote, Deepak Chopra stated in support of building for human health: “This is the next step in the real estate industry — understanding that sustainability should begin in the home. Our bodies are sustainable but exposed to pollution, no different than the environment.” We agree and are doing what we can to champion healthy homes. Reach-out to your BHHS agent for more info on which homes near you are adopting this trend.

In Conversation with Gallery MAR

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Feb 09, 2015

In Conversation with Maren Mullin, Owner of Gallery MAR on Main St. 


1.     What do you find inspiring in art at present?

Artists who take risks and work with media in new and interesting ways. Like many collectors, I love to be surprised.

2.       What art trends are taking place currently? What are some of your current favorite artists and why?

I try to avoid trends at Gallery MAR, and work with artists whose work and careers will continue to have a lasting legacy. We are seeing a resurgence of enthusiastic (wax) work across the board, and one of my personal favorites in the gallery is Bridgette Meinhold, who works in this media and is a local artist. Her paintings are serene and evoke a feeling of being lost among the pines in our beautiful backcountry.

3.       What inspired you to open Gallery MAR in Park City?

I always knew that I wanted to run my own business, and the art world is an always-changing, fascinating business. I love working with artists, and seven years ago felt that the time was right to take a risk and go out on my own. We have an incredible group of female business owners and entrepreneurs here in Park City, and I continue to be inspired and encouraged by them.

4.       How has Park City’s art community developed in recent years? Do you see Park City as an artistic community?

Thankfully, we are seeing more and more destination visitors who are coming to Park City to expand their art collections. Indeed, we ship artwork allover the world. Park City is a town full of creative souls, but most of our artists at Gallery MAR are from all over the country.

5.       What’s your background?

I moved here to live with my husband Matt Mullin and seven years later we got hitched. I grew up in Seattle and lived in LA prior to moving here and was gratefully exposed to fine art and music in my childhood.

6.       How do you think art improves interiors?

I believe that we should surround our selves with beauty -- our decor should all bring us joy and be beautiful. Artwork is a way to express yourself. Artwork improves our interiors, but also our lives. There is no doubt that a household that has been staged with fine art will sell faster.

7.       Which art trends and artists should homeowners buy into that would have the highest return on investment?

I always say, "buy what you love!" and I will continue to. We each have such personal and interesting tastes, and with artwork you should always go with your heart. Very few collectors want to re-sell their artwork in their life time, and instead buy what they love... and move it from house to house as they themselves move on.

If you are just starting your collection, look around and visit our beautiful Park City galleries. You will find a plethora of options, at all price points.

8.       What’s your process when you select artists to showcase in your gallery?

I work with artists whose artwork will fit a contemporary mountain home. We are very careful curators, and only bring in a few new artists every year. Our variety is great, but each artist is highly credible and high quality.


Rapid Fire Questions:

1.       Park City resident since: December, 2003

2.       Favorite Park City Restaurant: My neighbor, Purple Sage

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4.       Biggest source of inspiration: My incredible husband

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2014 Park City Market Overview

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jan 28, 2015

market overview

The Park City real estate market in 2014 proved healthy but measured. Generally, our market maintained its gradual course of improvement with certain sectors of our segmented marketplace seeing substantial growth. Growth remains steady and shows no sign of slumping or unstable bubbles.

2013 was a record-breaking year, and it seemed unlikely that we would see the same gains in 2014; however, pended sales were slightly up over 2013, and total sales volume was just slightly under over last year. Here are some trends we witnessed in 2014:

-There was a slight 1.5% increase in pended sales over 2013 and a 22% increase over 2012

-October brought more pended sales than any single month since 2006…there may be a correlation between this increase in transactions and the announcement of Vail Resorts’ purchase of Park City Mountain Resort, but it is impossible to determine this with certainty

-We had a robust 4th Quarter with sales up 28% over 2013 and up 40% over 2012: specifically condo sales increased by an astounding 11%

-Absorption rate has been under 6 months for the entire 4th quarter suggesting that inventory is low and our market favors sellers

-Distressed sales are at pre-recession levels

-Several areas experienced significantly increased interest and sales: Jeremy Ranch (+33%) and Sun Peak/Pinebrook/Silver Springs (+33%), both commuter areas saw a huge influx of buyers. This may possible be a result of Salt Lake’s ever growing economy

2014 Prices in Park City Proper

Average Condominium Sale Price: $931,210

Median Condominium Sale Price: $542,450

Average Single Family Sale Price: $1,869,048

Median Single Family Sale Price: $1,300,000

2014 Prices in Snyderville Basin

Average Condominium Sale Price: $395,224

Median Condominium Sale Price: $360,975

Average Single Family Sale Price: $1,121, 922

Median Single Family Sale Price: $775,000

2014 Prices in the Heber Valley

Average Condominium Sale Price: $199,312

Median Condominium Sale Price: $177,150

Average Single Family Sale Price: $470,498

Median Single Family Sale Price: $345,000

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