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Luxury Ski Wear and Equipment Provider, Gorsuch, Opens in Park City

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Jan 12, 2015


Gorsuch opened its doors for business this morning in its new Main Street, Park City address. Located in the new Parkite building, Gorsuch is one of the most established names in luxury ski wear and we are thrilled to have them!Gorsuch3

Respected in the ski community as one of the best carriers of high-end mountain gear and clothes, we feel that the family owned and operated store will be a tremendous addition to Park City and its offerings. The new contemporary store is multi-level and carries some of the biggest names in on-slope style including, Bogner, Canada Goose, Moncler, Parajumpers, and more.


To get a taste of their styles, check-out their winter lookbook for men and women.

In addition to carrying notable ski brands, the store also puts on a variety of events throughout the year. Past events have included talks and autograph signings by professional skiers, runway events, etc...Gorsuch5

Be sure to stop by Park City's newest store today and get outfitted for this fresh snow! See you on the slopes.

*Photo courtesy of Gorsuch. 

Prepare Your Home for Winter

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties
Sep 22, 2014


Are you taking your home maintenance seriously enough? With El-Nino coming this winter, it is especially important that you prepare your home for the upcoming winter. While we’re the first to say homeowner maintenance guides can be overwhelming (no, I am not going to seal my driveway 3x a year-whoever does that deserves an award from Home Depot), there are a few basic precautions every owner should take before cozying up to a fire and busting out the long Russian novels.

  1. Clean the gutters. After raking the leaves on your lawn (and allowing the kidlets a few leaf-pile cannonballs), be sure to clear them from your gutters and roofing drainage systems. Clean gutters prevent roof leaks and ice damage in December. Dealing with leaks is always a pain, dealing with one when the entire extended family is in town for the holidays is more than your average pain. It might also be time to invest in quality gutters with built-in leaf guards, which will save you hassle in the future.
  2. Prepare the chimney and fireplace. We are not especially big fans of carbon monoxide poisoning and recommend that you service your fireplace properly before winter. Besides, is there any better combination than a warm fire and a Utah winter?
  3. Service major appliances. Ever had to wait two weeks to get your furnace or water heater serviced in the winter? No good. Set yourself up for success. Get your major appliances looked at, serviced, or replaced in time for winter.
  4. Caulk the windows. Caulking your windows prevents heat from escaping and water and ice from coming in. It’s a simple preventive measure that could be the difference between one comforter and 5 extra-fluffy down numbers. Be smart.
  5. Check for plumbing problems. Again, you don’t want to be dealing with plumbing issues in the dead of winter. Water damage is the number one cause of home value depreciation. The best way to ensure your home’s longevity and re-sell price is to take steps to prevent water damage.
  6. Make sure the snowblower is functional. Ya. We live in Utah. Don’t be caught unprepared by that freak October storm we get once a year.

Have a lovely fall. Enjoy your pumpkin spice lattes, trick-or-treating, squash soup, and Ugg boots. We sure are.

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